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Protecting PICC Lines

Protecting Patients

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Made in the U.S.A.

PICC Guard is proudly developed and manufactured in the U.S.A. We have never wavered in our pledge to produce a superior, safe product right here in America.


About PICC Guard

Some of our most vulnerable patients are those who require PICC lines. Appropriate options for outpatient post-acute care have long been limited for those at risk of PICC line tampering. The result has often been costly inpatient stays to monitor treatment and compliance. 

PICC Guard introduces a new option for healthcare providers previously reluctant to deviate from directly observed care: the first FDA cleared medical device that resists unwarranted access to PICC lines. Providers can now protect patient safety and improve medical outcomes while reducing healthcare costs and inpatient stays. With PICC Guard, patients previously prevented from transitioning out of inpatient care can successfully be monitored on an outpatient basis. 

At PICC Guard, we believe in transforming lives through medical innovation. Our co-founders are seasoned healthcare professionals who emphasize accountability, quality, and improving the communities where we live and work. Committing to protecting our communities means creating solutions to help the most vulnerable among us. PICC Guard embodies this commitment by advancing a powerful new medical device. 

Better tools mean better outcomes. To learn more about PICC Guard technology, explore our device

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FDA Cleared

PICC Guard is the FIRST patented medical device to receive FDA 510(k) clearance as a tamper-resistant catheter access cover. 

The Device

The Device
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The Device

PICC Guard is the first tamper-evident device that adds tamper-resistance to unwarranted access of intravenous lines for high-risk patients. ​

This breakthrough technology is the first patented medical device to receive FDA 510(k) clearance as a tamper-resistant catheter access cover.

To learn more about indications for use, explore how it works.

How it works

How it Works

How it Works

By placing a PICC Guard over the end of a PICC line, a health care provider can monitor and detect whether or not a patient has tampered with their central line. With this one-way tamper-evident locking mechanism, this robust device cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Who is it For?

Any patient who is at risk for tampering with their PICC line. Possible indications may include:

IV Drug Use (IVDU)

Patients with a history of IVDU have high infection rates and are at risk to access their intravenous lines. 

Psychiatric Patients

Adverse outcomes can be lessened among patients who may lack insight regarding their medical devices. 

Incarcerated Patients

Patients in jail or prison may attempt to access their lines. PICC Guards can improve treatment outcomes in this patient population.

Pediatric Patients

Pediatric patients may tamper with venous access lines accidentally. PICC Guard placement over the port may decrease infection rates or air emboli.

How to Use

How to Use

How to Use

View our step-by-step instructional video. 

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Download our detailed brochure for written step-by-step instructional information. 

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